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Blender Text — November 29, 2015

Blender Text

Blender Text

Picture By: Blender 3D Guru

For this I added a text and set the text to “guru”. Then gave the text width and smoothed it, I then duplicated the text twice and sand witched the first text. The outer texts I gave a metal material, for the inner text I gave it a light orange and red colored material. For the background I created a new scene and created a plane. I used the same material as the inner text the only difference was I changed the orange and red just a bit, then rendered it into a png format. Now the squares in the background are created from a plane above the camera. I created a cube and gave it a red glass material. from the planes particle system I set it to create more of the cube. To add the background I went into the render properties\film and checked background transparent. Now I switched over to compositing. It would be much easier to list of the type of nodes I used.

  • Render Layers (1) The scenes picture.
  • Sun Beams (1) This node will add a glow to your picture.
  • Color Balance (1) This node I used to change the color of glow of the sun beams.
  • Alpha Over (2) This node combines two nodes. – Sorry this node is tricky to explain
  • Image (1) Opens a image or video.
  • Scale (1) This node scales images or videos to different lengths and widths.
  • Viewer (1) In compositing it uses a little table and you add nodes and hook them up to each other. The background of this table is simply replaces with your image you have created.


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Blender Spaceship — November 28, 2015

Blender Spaceship

Welcome to my blender blog. In my blog I will go over many features of blender and even blends discussing how it was made. If you want to download blender, copy the link –



Picture By: Blender 3D Guru

In this picture I used the blender engine cycles for the materials. To make the spaceship is used a 12 sided cylinder and a cube. I made the stars by creating a new scene, set the engine to blender render; I used a UV Sphere and gave it a halo material. Then added a stucci  texture then applied  it a displacement modifier. To add in the background picture and start scene I switched to the compositing tab. I checked the use nodes and backdrop setting and to add the glare to the spaceship, I used the sun beams and changed the direction of it. For the other scene I added a mix and changed the mix tab to add. I then copied the render layers node at hooked it up with the add node. For the background I just simple put a image and alpha over node, to make this work I went to the render properties  and checked transparent background in the film section. I you have any questions please comment down below.

I got the background image from this website:×1080/





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